Cloth Sample Cutting Machine

Technocraft is the cloth sample cutting machine manufacturer at inexpensive rates. We manufacture compact designs in order to offer spacious working environment without compromising with the features. Our machines are widely in demand for the reason of better service life and easy functionality.

Manual Sample Cutting Machine

  • Firm and stable table mounted model with flywheel.
  • To get zigzag cutting this wheel is rotated in anti-clockwise direction.
  • Provided with Ratchet handle lever for easy fabric cutting and forward & reverse operations of machine.
  • Models with blade size 13″ & 18″ are available.
  • Safety guard and calibrated inch plate are provided for accuracy.

Automatic Sample Cutting Machine

  • Completely covered single piece cloth sample cutting machine made from special steel casting.
  • Effortless and painless machine operating buttons and hand lever are provided to get back & forth motion.
  • Provided with heavy duty type speed reduction gearbox for efficiency.
  • Can cut sample upto 50 mm with maximum 10 strokes per minute.
  • Models available with blade size 13″, 18″, 24″, 32″, 36″, & 48″.
  • You can opt to add Red bright optical laser line marking system.

PLC Control Sample Cutting Machine

  • This is the advanced version of automatic zigzag cloth sample cutting machine with a few amendments.
  • Hand lever is replace with adjustable screw arrangement. This helps to adjust the blade to maximum upward or downward