Cloth Sample Cutting Machine Automatic

Photo Electronic Safety Sensor & Laser Line Marking System

  • Easy Operation.
  • Effortless Zigzag cutting of suiting, shirting, blended woolen, denim, furnishing, knitted and tyre cord fabrics.
  • Fabric can be accurately aligned before cutting.
  • A hand lever operated device with stopper is provided to get To and Fro motion of sliding table with calibration which guarantees the equal, accurate & high production of samples Ideal for cutting maximum fabric heap of 50mm and maximum 10 strokes per minute.
  • To decide the location of cutting fabric, a RED BRIGHT optical LASER LINE MARKING SYSTEM is provided with machine. (Optional)
  • Once press the green push button switch, the machine will stop automatically after cutting the fabric.
  • The main body of-machine will be single piece, made from special steel casting, so as to get smooth & vibration free operation.
  • Totally enclosed heavy duty type speed reduction gearbox provided to get efficient working of machine.
  • Provided with adjustable screw arrangement with eccentric to get the blade position to maximum upward or downward.
  • Machine will be completely covered and provided with safety guards.
  • Models available in different blade size having 13″, 18″, 24″, 32″, 36″ and 48″.